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by Jay Cooper
October 21st 2011 by Jay Cooper

Generation Y, us X’s have seen it all before…

I spotted this in AdAge’s round-up of media articles this week. In response to a New York Magazine’s article regarding Gen YMat Honan of Gizmodo came up with an excellent and funny reposte to the idea that Gen Yers will have to do things the hard way.

Matt Creamer from AdAge takes up the story.

New York magazine dropped one of those what-it’s-like-to-be-in-your-20′s pieces this week. It’s titled “The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright” and, you know what, the article is actually sort of OK.

And I say that as a (relative) oldster predisposed to be sent into a white (and old and male) rage at any sense of self-entitlement issuing from Generation Y.

Of course, it helps that the Gchat-happy subjects of the story, however unemployable, seem more interesting and industrious than most Yers I’ve actually seen in a workplace or other real-life contexts.

But whatever. This isn’t about the thing itself; it’s a nod to the best comeback to the article, written by Gizmodo’s Mat Honan.

Generation X is sick of your bullshit.

The first generation to do worse than its parents? Please. Been there. Generation X was told that so many times that it can’t even read those words without hearing Winona Ryder’s voice in its heads. Or maybe it’s Ethan Hawke’s. Possibly Bridget Fonda’s. Generation X is getting older, and can’t remember those movies so well anymore. In retrospect, maybe they weren’t very good to begin with.

But Generation X is tired of your sense of entitlement. Generation X also graduated during a recession. It had even shittier jobs, and actually had to pay for its own music. (At least, when music mattered most to it.) Generation X is used to being fucked over. It lost its meager savings in the dot-com bust. Then came George Bush, and 9/11, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Generation X bore the brunt of all that. And then came the housing crisis.

Generation X wasn’t surprised. Generation X kind of expected it.

Read Mat’s original article here