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Image Source - Laura Dinneen
by Kate Cooper
July 22nd 2013 by Kate Cooper

8 Building Blocks to a Social Business

Kate Cooper, MD follows on from last week’s video post – What is Social Business? by presenting the 8 building blocks to creating a successful social business, broken down into easy to manage workstreams.

There are many different interpretations of social business out there at the moment, many closely linking the deployment of social technology with Social Business. However, I believe, to get the most out of Social Business you need to think of it more holistically than that.

8 easy to manage workstreams

I break Social Business down into 8 workstreams and dial up or down focus on particular workstreams for clients depending upon business priorities, existing level of Social Business maturity and areas of need.  So one way to break down Social Business into more bite-sized chunks is to think in terms of the following workstreams:

 1.     Business Planning

Including objective setting, KPI identification and performance management. Also organisational modeling.

2.    Governance

Which includes social media guidelines, policies, crisis management.

3.    Insight & Measurement

Which is all about deriving business intelligence from social data and using that to optimise business and social media activities. It will also tell you how well you are performing and indicate ways you could be doing even better.

4.    Change Management & Education

Critical for embedding Social Business practices and building the internal capabilities and culture to ensure Social Business thrives.

5.    Social Technology

The tools and technologies that provide scalable solutions to business needs and facilitate Social Business practices. Well used examples include listening tools like Brandwatch, social media management systems like Spredfast and internal social networking tools like Chatter.

6.    Social Platforms

The most well known of all areas, there are the social media platforms that have driven adoption rate sky high. The landscape is dynamic and evolving all the time. You can gain significant advantage by having your finger on the social platform pulse and responding accordingly.

7.    Social Content

The currency that drives interaction in Social Media. Content includes everything from video, a tweet, an image posted on Facebook right through to a game, an app or brand facilitated user generated content.

8.    Community Management

The human interface between your brand or business space and your audiences. Effective community management identifies and acts upon opportunities, builds engagement and relationships, manages the more influential people online and manages some of the risks associated with Social Media.

There’s a well known quote from Mark Twain often used about Social Media and Social Business:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Well I say:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’re going backwards”

It isn’t good enough for businesses to simply talk to their customers. They must interact, engage, listen, enlighten and be part of a consumer’s life by becoming social. Welcome to the new context of doing business. Welcome to social business.

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