Insight powered social media > Better results BLOOM Worldwide is a social media agency powered by insight. We empower people with social technology and passionately believe that strategy, content and engagement derived from insight delivers better results for our clients. This is because your social media will be driven by a specific consumer need.

Clients who benefit from this approach include Toyota across 31 countries in Europe, Wiley Blackwell globally and Butlins in the UK.
Does your brand or organisation target Millennials?

It’s Millennials month here at BLOOM, so we’re analysing this audience group to identify ways in which brands and organisations can target Millennials through content and social media marketing. We’d love to hear from you Now it’s your turn to get involved! We’re running a short and snappy survey to find out what other businesses are [&hellip

Thoughts from the Finance Industry

As part of our focus on Social Media for Finance, we asked some of the leading brands within the industry about their current social media objectives and challenges, and also what opportunities they think social media can provide in 2014. The results were surprising… Whilst the cited challenges are to be expected –regulation, privacy, exposure [&hellip

Bridge the gap between youth and financial services

If you are a Financial Services organisation and you are not allocating a large percentage of your marketing budget and resources towards a younger audience, you could be dramatically missing out. The audience on social media can be on a majority scale. GEN X and GEN Y are the generation who are going to inherit [&hellip

Financial Service is social savvy!

“With all the discussion about the budget today, our conversations about social media for the finance industry seemed even more relevant than usual.” The main purpose of a good marketing department is to increase awareness of your company, so a good social media strategy could be a game changer. In the past, Financial Services and [&hellip

Content Marketing – storytelling at the speed of now

Charlotte Hunter, Social Media Manager gives us the low down on the recent Figaro Digital conference on content marketing where BLOOM presented our take on content: Storytelling at the speed of now. When we first got the call to present at the Figaro Digital Event #FigDigContent on discussing content marketing we knew that this was an [&hellip

How brands can use the new, open LinkedIn publishing platform

BLOOM’s Head of Planning, John Murphy gives his advice on what Brands can do to make the most of the new, open LinkedIn publishing platform. Last week, LinkedIn opened up it’s publishing platforms to all members. Previously the privilege of only the crème de la crème of its members (the likes of which included Bill Gates [&hellip

The evolution of social media for financial services

  Brand experience is the single most important thing we can facilitate online, via mobile, virtual worlds or branded experience. When you deliver a superior brand experience, you drive momentum. Social Media allows you access to your already existing customers and also conversion of potential new customers. The game needs changing and this is a very [&hellip

Collaborative Workspaces – start with employee insight

As BLOOM settles into its new home, our COO Jay Cooper looks at the rise of collaborative workspaces and whether all workspaces should be like this. Brighton, February 7th 2014. When it came to designing the BLOOM office, I first asked what the team wanted from a workspace – answers I got back were pictures [&hellip

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